Pizza! Pizza! Read all about it!

A while back I posted about Z Pizza now offering a GF pizza crust, and I finally got a chance to experience it. I had heard from others how they thought their GF crust was the best, but my best friend and I have to disagree. Unlike other pizza parlors who offer Still Riding Crust, Z Pizza makes their own GF crust in a safe facility. This place is definitely more of a delivery joint with just a few tables rather than a sit down pizza joint, like Amici's. Besides the atmosphere, their regular pizza prices are really reasonable. The GF crust costs an additional $4 making our basic pizza $17; not completely unreasoanble. The crust itself was very thin, which I like, except for it wasn't strong enough to hold all the toppings. We examined the flyer about the crust, and the entire crust is less than 250 calories, which is impressive, but the overall taste and quality, was just....ok. It's nice to have the options and if I were near my location, I would go back and try it again, but on a scale of 1-10, we gave Z Pizza a 6.5 and Amici's a 8.75.

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