Fresh Brothers Does Gluten Free Right

I don't know about you but I have a list of gluten-free restaurants that I want to try regardless of location in case I ever travel there. Fresh Brothers had been on my list for Southern California and it just so happens that my last trip to that area led me right into their restaurant. It's more of a take-out pizzeria, however they had some limited seating, and lots of TVs if you were looking to watch the local game. The menus are at the counter and they have a full nicely color printed gluten-free menu for salads and pizzas and even some desserts although I didn't leave room for dessert.

The gluten-free pizza comes in personal pan size, medium, and large. I went with a personal pan because it reminded me my days of the book reading club at Pizza Hut (if you don't know what I'm talking about please disregard). In any case I got the small pizza which was four slices with extra extra cheese artichokes and bacon and it was delicious. With a small soda my pizza cost me $12. Is that pricy? Not sure. It was good and if I lived in the area I would certainly go back. I don't know about the kitchen situation; if the pizza crust was made in house or made at local bakery But I didn't get sick which is always a plus when you're on vacation. If we had been in the area longer I think it would've had some delivered to our hotel room. This pizza also made a great cold breakfast.


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