Mrs. Crimbles Rice Cakes

I was surprised to find Mrs. Crimbles rice cakes on the shelf at my local health food store; it's just not a brand I see often in my area. I know I really enjoyed their cheese bites, although they still weren't cheese it's.  In any case a friend and I both bought a box; her the caramel, and me the apple, and then we split them.  The caramel ones were good but I really enjoyed the apple ones.  

Inside a box you'll find 4 individual packages, each with 4 long rectangles inside. For me I only needed two as a serving, but in any case it makes the box last longer. If you're concerned about other mainstream brands and cross contamination, or you're just looking for a new rice cake option, you should give these a go.  I like topping mine with peanut butter, sliced banana, and raisins.