Columbus Salame Take 2

Columbus is hands down my favorite lunch meat. It tastes so pure and clean. The make great lunch meat, which I buy in the family size at Costco, but their speciality seems to be their salame. I previously posted about their new facility in the bay area, and my first special delivery from them.  Most recently I was sent a new round of salame for my tasting pleasure, which included the following options: 

Chorizo Casero: great for those who love some spicy kick. 

Uncured Peppered: A little toooooo peppery for me, but my husband loves it. 

Salame Toscano: a nice balance of flavor and fat. More along the lines of what I feel most people think salame is. 

Soppressata: This one was my favorite. It has a hint of chili pepper, is a very firm salame, with a medium amount of fat to it. 

Italian Dry: Typical salame. Firm, dry, medium amount of fat and tasty.