Tamaya Sushi

My husband and I decided to take a stroll through town and try out a new restaurant.  We were torn between pizza at Pizza Rock or sushi from Tamaya Sushi. We ended up at Tamaya and we will surely hit up Pizza Rock soon, but as for the sushi...

Let's just get this out in the open now: the service sucked. After having watched numerous episode of Restaurant Impossible I know that the average service time should be roughly ten minutes, especially if the place isn't to full capacity. After we ordered we waiting 35 minutes for our food. We ordered a specialty roll with sauce on the side, which they didn't do, and we ordered a roll with real crab instead of the fake crab, which of course there will be a fee for, but could the waitress get her prices straight? Nope. She told us their was a $2 upcharge; on the bill there was a $3 upcharge, and they tried to charge us for the same roll twice, it was also listed as a $4 upcharge. WTF? If you really just press a button as indicated to determine price, it should spit out the same cost every time, don't you think?  I ordered their coconut cooler which was coocnut rum abd coconut juice with pulp, and it was strong, but good. Now if they had brought that to use sooner we probably would not have noticed how sucky the service was, however they didn't bring us the beverages until we got our food. 

Now, here's the dilemma.  The food was good, really good. Their Sashimi special of 12 pieces of fish was absolutely delicious. It came with 2 types of tuna, salmon, and some fish we couldn't figure out, but it was all fresh and delightful and on a beautiful plate. The Philly roll, a standard or must have for us, was good, but a little heavy on the cream cheese, the spicy tuna hand roll was excellent, and the Sacramento Roll was a different combination and very, very good. It had crab (we went with the real stuff), eel, macadamia nuts, cucumber, avocado, and smoked salmon. I was seriously torn between ordering that and ordering the bay scallop roll, which I might go for next time, if I decide to go back. 

The saving grace to the service was two-fold.  First, great conversation with my husband, and the second, the manager, who should have reconginzed an issue sooner, but none-the-less, came over and offered free dessert or jello shots to us. So would I go back, yes, but only once, to see if the service had improved. If it hadn't, then I'd be done with this place, but the food warrants a second shot. As for people with food allergies, like myself, unless you are very clear in what you are asking, and are comfortable asking questions, sending food back if needed, or comfortable walking out if needed, I would say this is not the place for you. 

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