Found: Drinkable Oatmeal

If you've ever seen GFreeTV you know we tell the straight up truth. Bakery on Main is one of those brands we want to give a chance to, but they have continually disappointed us. Their were their granola bars, which were seriously sad, their newer release, the True Bar, and their oatmeal.

The oatmeal comes in three flavors that sound super tasty: maple muffin, apple pie, and strawberry shortcake. The immediate problem I noticed is that you're supposed to add just 1/4 cup water to it, and even that little amount of water makes this oatmeal into slop. I even tried cutting the water in half, adding practically no liquid to it, and it was still slop. Complete liquid that you should eat more with a straw then a spoon; plus it had hardly any flavor; no maple goodness and hardly an fruit flavor. The oats were way smaller and unrecognizable in comparison to my favorite instant gluten free oatmeal, Simpli.

I don't aim to rip companies apart, but in my opinion, this is just one brand that is not currently worth shelf space; they need some serious reformulation.