Tin Leaf Kitchen

While passing through Carlsbad my husband and I picked up lunch at the Tin Leaf Kitchen, their focus affordably priced chef quality comfort food. I had just done a quick search and found this place recommended on someone's blog so we gave it a go. Of course I was "that girl" holding up the lunch line, asking not only about gluten free, but we were also bringing my mother-in-law lunch so I was asking about dairy, corn, and citrus. The good thing though was the staff was great with gluten free and if they didn't know the answer they had an allergen binder readily available.

We ordered the tin leaf salad, which is like their base salad, which had wild arugula quinoa, tomatoes, cucumber, cranberries, almonds, and a wasabi vinaigrette.  The vinaigrette wasn't as spicy as I was afraid it would be. We could have used more salad dressing actually but overall, this was a great salad, and not too steeply priced. 

As for the sandwiches, they can make any of them on gluten free bread from a local bakery. The bread was good and the sandwich options were all enticing. They offer some fancy sounding sandwiches like morning meatloaf sandwich or thanksgiving on a bun, but we went with the marinated portabello mushroom and goat cheese sandwich. The sadwhiches come with a side of fries, cole salw, or potato salad; we went with the potato salad, but it wasn't really good.  Too creamy and the flavor was off. Overall, the sandwich was not worth the money; it was a little overpriced. The soda was fresh, real, and I'd go back to try some thing else but it might take some convincing to get my husband to go back with me.

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