Moms Grilled Cheese Foodcart

Vancouver, B.C. has such a great food community, including food trucks; food trucks with gluten free options! Gluten free hot dogs, tacos, soups, and grilled cheese! We missed Moms the first day; they pack up at 3pm, but we came back the next day and ordered from Moms Grilled Cheese Truck.

They offer gluten free sandwiches on Udi's bread, so it was cool to be able to order from a street cart, but if all you do is grilled cheese you need to wow me.  The sandwich did not have enough cheese and it was over priced. It's $7.50 to start, plus a $2.50 upgrade fee for gluten free. Hell I can by a whole loaf of Udi's bread for $5.00 and make 6 sandwiches with it. 

The experience of being able to order for a food cart was nice, and I had to see just how cheesy it was, but it was overall a letdown.

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