Monsoon Indian Food

90% of Indian food is naturally gluten free so I felt relatively confident walking into Monsoon in downtown Sacramento for dinner with my husband. We ordered the chicken tikka as an appetizer which was absolutely delicious. The chicken was unbelievably moist and the green yogurt based sauce- yum! It was all just yogurt and spices.

For an entree we both had difficulty deciding what to order because everything sounded good, but in the end I ordered the coastal prawn curry. The shrimp were large and perfectly cooked and luckily I was able to order it with my desired heat level in mind. I'd be scared to eat anything at "Indian spicy" because the medium was just perfect. I will say the value of the meal was debatable. I got 5 large shrimp, with a lot of yummy sauce, and a bowl of rice for about $15.00. It seems a little steep to me for the amount of "meat" you're getting, but it was still tasty. I will say their jasmine rice was some of the best rice I've had; light and fluffy and while I'm trying to be grain free I ate just a little to balance out the heat in my mouth.

Overall the meal was really enjoyable. The waitress was friendly and willing to answer all my gluten free questions, and the atmosphere was chill but slightly upscale. I will certainly go back again and try something else on their menu. 

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